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Down Payment Assistance Programs


Are you thinking about buying a new home or resale and money is tight right now? There are several down payment assistance programs that are available to you through the State of Nevada. These programs are offered by and through The Nevada Rural Housing Authority.

The down payment assistance programs have some qualifications that buyers will need to review and see if they qualify for the program(s).

A qualified Loan Officer can explain these programs and the benefits they offer to buyers.

You can also contact The Nevada Rural Housing Authority directly at: (702) 992-7215.

I have recently been certified by The Nevada Rural Housing Authority and I have been trained and educated about these programs and how they work. The more information I can provide to you about these programs, the better your chances are of you finding and closing on your new home!

Here is a current list of several Las Vegas builders that participate in the program and that I have great relationships with: (Click on the links below to visit their sites)

American West
D.R. Horton
KB Home

*If you decide to buy a new home with these builders above, call me first. I have ongoing relationships with these builders and I can get you incentives that benefit you when you use a Realtor rather than just going to them by yourselves. 

Click on the key below to be directed to The Nevada Rural Housing Authority Website:

Here are direct links to several of their informative brochures:

NV-Housing Home Buyer Resource Brochure

NV-HousingMap of Las Vegas areas in the program

NV-HousingHome At Last Program Brochure

NV-HousingAutomated Home At Last Tutorial Program

Home At Last MTC Program:

This program offers first time qualified home buyers to receive a 40% tax credit equal to the amount of interest they paid on their mortgage loan. The maximum benefit from this program is $2,000.00 a year.

Here are direct links to informative brochures on this program:

NV-HousingMortgage Tax Credit Program Information

NV-HousingIncome and Home Price Limits by County

NV-HousingMortgage Tax Credit Brochure

If you have any questions about any of these amazing Down Payment Assistance Programs here in Las Vegas, please contact me directly at: 702-768-2552. Home Ownership is affordable and easy once you have a game plan and follow a course of action. Call me today for more information.

Questions? Ask Michael