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Las Vegas Housing Data For January 2018

Las Vegas Housing Data For January 2018 indicates that the Las Vegas Valley is suffering from a depletion of inventory which could see pricing in 2018 go up if demand keeps climbing for homes here in town.

Currently as of the week of January 1, 2018, Las Vegas Housing Data For January 2018 indicates the following about our inventory:

Current homes available on the market: 3,758 this does not include the fact that some of these homes may have offers already on them.

Short Sales: only 95 in the entire valley are available

Foreclosures: 28 available

Contingent/Pending sales: 3,387

Short Sales Contingent/Pending: 614

Foreclosures Contingent/Pending: 59

The average sales price for a home is $265,000.00 which has remained steady the past several months.

All stats are based on single family residences. This does not include town homes or condos.

For 2.5 million people in the Las Vegas Valley, these numbers do not go well for buyers. If you are a buyer right now, the pickings are slim and you must be flexible with your offer and what you are looking for. Anything below $300,000.00 will have a lot of competition so think carefully about your offer and what you want to spend.

If you are a seller, now is the time to act. With a shortage of inventory, you are in a good position to get what you want out of the sale of your home. You may even get multiple offers on your home. Just be careful to evaluate the pros and cons of each offer. Having a Realtor that will fight for you and get you what you want is critical in this market.

Call me today at: 702-768-2552 for a FREE Home Evaluation. Las Vegas Housing Data For January 2018 will change with all of the demand and sales that are happening right now. Strike now while the market is hot if you want top dollar for your home.

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