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Relocating from Los Angeles, CA to Las Vegas, Nevada

Relocating from Los Angeles, CA to Las Vegas, Nevada

With more and more people leaving California, is Relocating from Los Angeles, CA. to Las Vegas, Nevada possible? The answer: Yes it is!

Higher taxes, crime, horrible traffic, and increase in real estate prices- all of these facts make living in Los Angeles hard for most people. What is your quality of life?

2 hours or more per day in bumper to bumper traffic, just to get to a job that makes you pay at least 13% in state income taxes. The list of negatives goes on and on….now for the good news….

I wanted to experience better financial conditions and get to a point in my life where I was able to enjoy things that I was missing in hours of traffic or overcrowding situations like waiting 45 minutes to get a seat in my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles.

Living in Las Vegas has been a huge change in my life. I pay NO income taxes saving at least 13% of my income that I lost to the State of California every year. Property taxes are also very low here! Average home prices right now in Las Vegas are $260,000.00 to $360,000.00 which is a huge difference than Los Angeles area real estate prices. These are newer homes to brand new homes!

Las Vegas is a 24 hour town; I have great shopping, amazing food, plenty of things to do like hiking, bike riding, off roading, skiing (Yes, it snows in Las Vegas!) and we are the entertainment capitol of the world! Also, we now have a professional NHL team, Major League Soccer, WNBA and of course The Las Vegas Raiders in 2020.

Summerlin (15 minutes west of the strip)  is building a brand new Triple A baseball stadium that will be in the center of Summerlin! Everything is growing here in town, the job market is booming, the economy is great, all you need to do is come out and check things out for yourself!

Relocating from Los Angeles, CA to Las Vegas, Nevada is easy! Housing is limited with our inventory shortage, but there are still great deals to be found and I love to house hunt for my clients. If you are looking to relocate from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, give me a call, I can lay out a plan of action for you and talk to you about your personal journey to finding happiness in Las Vegas.

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